Cultural Awareness Translation of ‘school principal’s office’


Translation into Biigtigong’s dialect of Nishnaabemwin:

  • [endzhi-gkinoohmaageng] gaa-niigaan’ziikndang wzhibiihgewgamig


[endzhi-gkinoohmaageng] gaa-niigaan’ziikndang wzhibiihgewgamig ~ school principal’s office


Morphemes (building blocks of each word):

  • endzhi-gkinoomaageng ~ “school”, “where there is teaching”
    • endzhi-…ng ~ “where (abstract-)they…”, “where ‘there is’…”
    • gkinoo ~ “know, recognize”
    • h ~ “cause someone to be or to act”
    • maa ~ “do it for someone”
    • ge ~ “acts (on an unspecified object)”
  • gaa-niigaan’ziikndang ~ “someone who leads (it)”, “leader of (it)”
    • gaa-…ang ~ “someone who…”
    • niigaan ~ “ahead, leading, in front”
    • zi(i) ~ “someone is in a state or condition”
    • knd ~ “act on it”
  • wzhibiihgewgamig ~ “office”
    • wzhi ~ “arrange”, “form”
    • biih ~ “act on it by writing”
    • ge ~ “acts (on an unspecified object)”
    • wgamig ~ “built structure”, “quarters”


A rough translation of the inner-meaning:

  • writing-quarters of someone who is leading [the place in which beings are causing knowing]


A plainer, more free-form, inner-meaning translation:

  • office of the leader [of a school]



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