Cultural Awareness Translation of ‘culture room’


Translation into Biigtigong’s dialect of Nishnaabemwin:

  • naadziwin bkesaagan


naadziwin bkesaagan ~ culture room


Morphemes (building blocks of each word):

  • naadziwin ~ “culture”
    • n ~ “in a certain manner”
    • aad ~ “way of being”, “way of life”, “character”, “nature”
    • zi ~ “is in a state”, “is in a condition”
    • win ~ [noun-forming final]
  • bkesaagan ~ “room”
    • bke ~ “off to the side”, “diverge”
    • saa ~ “structure unit”
    • gan ~ “a made thing”


A rough translation of the inner-meaning:

  • certain-way-of-life−−ness off-to-the-side−−structural-unit−−made-thing


A plainer, more free-form, inner-meaning translation:

  • certain-way-of-life−−ness room



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