‘Just Us’


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Facilitating Cultural Awareness with Biigtigong’s Dialect


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‘Just Us’ Translations


(1) door

(2) mathematics

(3) science

(4) locker/lockers

(5) homework

(6a) history (in general)

(6b) history of (animate) them

(6c) history of (inanimate) something

(7) fire

(8) fire keeper

(9) art

(10a) [You(singular)] listen!

(10b) [You(plural)] listen!

(10c) Let’s listen!

(11) geography

(12a) [You(singular)] come in!

(12b) [You(plural)] come in!

(13a) Welcome to here, [you(singular)].

(13b) Welcome to here, [you(plural)].

(14) tobacco

(15) reception

(16) [Nishnaabe] elder

(17) [school] principal

(18) school principal’s office

(19) regalia

(20) library

(21) librarian

(22) pow-wow, dance

(23a) school

(23b) school [building]

(24) gym

(25) student

(26a) culture room

(26b) Nishnaabe-culture room

(27) teacher

(28) washroom, bathroom

(29) smudges [people], smudges [things]

(30) cafeteria

(31) skips class

(32) kitchen

(33) attendance office

(34) office