Reimagining the Role of ‘Assistant Health Nurse’


Reimagined role-name in Biigtigong’s dialect of Nishnaabemwin:

  • Gaa-wiidookaaged Gaa-noojmohwed


Gaa-wiidookaaged Gaa-noojmohwed ~ Assistant Nurse


Morphemes (building blocks of each word):

  • Gaa-wiidookaaged ~ “assistant”
    • Gaa-…d ~ “someone who…”
    • wiidookaa ~ “someone helps someone else”
    • ge ~ “someone acts (on an unspecified object)”
  • Gaa-noojmohwed ~ “nurse”
    • Gaa-…d ~ “someone who…”
    • noojmo ~ “someone recovers from an illness”, “someone is healed”, “someone is cured”
    • h ~ “cause someone to be or to act”
    • we ~ “someone acts (on an unspecified animate being)”


A translation of the morphemes:

  • someone-who-helps healer-of-people


A plainer, more free-form English translation:

  • assistant healer


A formal-English translation:

  • Assistant Nurse



How to cite this publication:

Montano, J. P., & Michano, A. R. “Reimagining Health Centre Roles in Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin” Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, 14 Jul 2017. Web.