Biigtigong Mno-zhi-yaawgamig / Biigtigong Health Centre

In the Spring of 2017, Erica Perkins (Health and Social Services Director) approached John Paul Montano (Language and Mythology Consultant) about utilizing Biigtigong’s dialect of the Nishnaabe language to reimagine the Health Centre’s employee roles. This exciting initiative was successfully completed in July 2017.

Working directly with JoAnne Michano (Band Manager), Alvina Michano (Biigtigong Dialect Supervisor), and the insighful staff of the Biigtigong Mno-zhi-yaawgamig (Biigtigong Health Centre – consisting of the Health Department and the Social Services Department) – Alma Wells, Julie Michano, Tammi Shaw, Vivian Michano, Melodie Touchette, Shelly Michano, and Vanessa Nabigon – we were able to produce the following list of role-names in Biigtigong’s dialect. Each Nishnaabe-language role-name is accompanied by English-language translations of the various levels of inner-meaning contained in that role-name.

(1) Health and Social Services Director

(2) Community Health Nurse

(3) Non-Insured Health Services Processing Clerk

(4) Receptionist

(5) Addiction Worker

(6) Home and Community Care Coordinator

(7) Assistant Health Nurse

(8) Home Visiting Nurse

(9) Diabetes Coordinator

(10) Medical Transportation Driver

(11) Assisted Living Program Coordinator

(12) Non-Insured Health Benefits Coordinator

(13) Social Services Supervisor

(14) Family Support Worker

(15) Janitor

(16) Family Well-Being Worker

(17) Mental Health Counsellor

(18) Band Representative

(19) Recreation Coordinator

(20) Employment Assistance Worker

(21) Children’s Oral Health Program

(22) Training / Meeting Room

(23) Mental Health Counselling Room

(24) Staff Room

(25) Visiting Professional

(26) Exam Room 1

(27) Exam Room 2

(28) Waiting Room

(29) Reception

(30) Sterilization Room

(31) Worklife / Workforce (for bulletin board)

(32) Staff Communication (for bulletin board)

(33) Health and Wellness Communication (for bulletin board)

(34) Community Events (for bulletin board)

(35) Accreditation Communication (for bulletin board)

(36) Safety Culture (for bulletin board)

(37) Infection Control (for bulletin board)