Smart Cities Challenge Application

April 24, 2018

Question 9: Describe your plan for using the $250,000 grant, should you be selected as a finalist. Provide a high-level breakdown of spending categories and an accompanying rationale.

The following provides a breakdown of the spending categories and rationale. Biigtigong Nishnaabeg are committed to utilizing our financial resources in the most cost effective manner.

Staffing and Professional Services
The complexities of this project require a vast range of expertise and knowledge. We will utilize both internal and external resources to best meet the needs of the project. Our internal policies regulate procurement.

Staff and consultants will examine the following areas in detail and develop plans that will be incorporated into our final proposal.

  1. Develop an on-line education model.
  2. Research eLearning, eAcquisition and ‘Meet Up’ software and open-source platforms.
  3. STEM curriculum development.
  4. Reconstruction of core aadsookaanan.
  5. Language Immersion video development.
  6. Language audio overdubs on STEM material.
  7. Data collection.
  8. Community education and engagement.
  9. Elder and knowledge carrier protocols.
  10. Project management software and collaboration tools.

We will also hire a Proposal Coordinator, who will assist the Core Team, with the coordination of activities necessary to develop a comprehensive final proposal of our project.

Part of the costs associated with this process will include honorariums for elders and knowledge carriers. We will be utilizing their time and knowledge in the development of this project and they will be compensated accordingly.

We have instituted an organizational culture that promotes life-long learning and we are committed to building our internal capacities. Empowering our own people with skills and resources has resulted in meaningful change in our community.

We are aware that there exist some gaps in our ability to implement this project. We would like to conduct a needs assessment to more comprehensively examine and identify these gaps. A subsequent plan will be developed outlining the training requirements to address these gaps. Financial resources will be allocated to this task to ensure the successful implementation and long-term sustainability of this project.

Financial resources will be allotted to support the community engagement activities. Our cultural practices dictate that offerings (i.e. tobacco, food, gifts) are made for the exchange of knowledge. Additionally, any major initiatives that could fundamentally impact our community are developed inside our ceremonies.

Production of video prototypes
We will produce trailers of videos that our project will be developing for STEM education, aadsookaanan education and language immersion. We want to test our product to ensure our outcomes are being achieved. The community will be involved in helping us develop the best possible product.

Communication and Promotion
We will publish a series of educational and promotional material relating to this project. We will utilize a variety of means to accomplish this task, such as, on-line tools, community channel, mail outs and meetings.

Financial resources will be set aside to support travel costs associated with this project. Biigtigong’s policy governing travel will be applied.

Supplies and Equipment
A budget line will be established to purchase necessary supplies and materials, including computer hardware and software.

Administration Fees
Depending on the project, Biigtigong charges an administration fee of generally 5% – 8%.