Steve Twance

Steve Twance (Phrase Page Author)

Steve is a proud Biigtigong community member. Throughout his life, he has volunteered and given of his time to help build our community. He has always been willing to help out. Steve understands the importance of community and the significance of the Nishnaabe values that we share. He was raised with the understanding that he is part of a collective and that this comes with responsibilities. Steve shares stories about how important it is to help others, and he experienced this growing up. He was taught how important it is for everyone to take care of each other, especially our children.

Steve did not marry, nor did he have children. But, he takes extreme pride in his role as an uncle and great-uncle. His profound love for his nieces and nephews is expressed by the ongoing support and encouragement which he continuously provides them. Steve’s love extends to all children, and his wish is for them to have a good life.

One of Steve’s greatest loves is walking and taking care of his physical being. He enjoyed his walks around the community and the visiting that resulted from these walks. Steve also loved his walks down the bush roads and his time alone to relax and reflect. He is a huge advocate for getting out on the land and walking, as he says it’s good for the spirit.

Steve grew up hearing Nishnaabemwin and he fully understands the language. He acknowledges that his Nishnaabemwin proficiency is limited, but still wants to help in our efforts to revitalize our language. He believes it’s important that our language remains alive and that our children are able to speak Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin. Steve wishes he could speak Nishnaabemwin more proficiently. He loves to hear our language being spoken, and this brings him happiness. Steve says there is so much humour in our language – and, that’s why our elders are always laughing! Our language will make sure we have laughter around us.