Ronnie Moses

Ronnie Moses (Present-day Speaker of Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin)

Ronnie once shared with our community an event that forever changed his life. Struggling with the challenges of teenage life, he left home before the age of 16 to search for greener pastures. He soon realized that the truly meaningful parts of life were back in Biigtigong. He understood the value of family, of community, and of living a Nishnaabe life. So, Ronnie returned home and never again questioned where he wanted to be or what was important to him.

Ronnie loved and cherished his mother Philomene; they shared a very close bond. He took great pride in his relationship with his mother and made building their relationship a priority in his life. Ronnie has more than once discussed this particular life lesson – which he’s said has served him very well: He’s always listened to his mom, even in the most difficult times; and, she’s never led him astray. His mother, Philomene, earned and kept the trust of her son, and Ronnie reciprocated. Consistently, throughout his life, he’s shown his mother a profound respect through his actions. Ronnie was well aware that love and respect are action words.

Philomene spoke Nishnaabemwin; and Ronnie was raised as a first-speaker of our language. His mother instilled in him a strong sense of his Nishnaabe identity; he lived a life which embraced the values, beliefs and culture of our people. He was raised with the humour which we often hear amongst our people when they’re speaking Nishnaabemwin to each other. Those of us fortunate enough to have had this man touch our hearts and our lives can all attest to his humour and the love expressed by his actions.

Ronnie was an involved community member. He made it a priority in his life to contribute to building a better community life. He first gave of his heart and reminded us to always come from a place love. He gave of his time and reminded us that we all have a responsibility to take action and contribute to Mno-bmaadziwin. He was a strong and kind Nishnaabe, who loved being Nishnaabe and wanted our children to be happy Nishnaabeg in a safe, vibrant, and loving Nishnaabe community.