Mike Goodchild

Mike Goodchild (1959 Speaker of Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin)

Mike was a speaker of Nishnaabemwin who spent much of his time out on the land with his family. Mike and his wife Antoinette had four children, all of whom were speakers of the language. He transferred traditional knowledge and skills to those around him, as he understood the importance of inter-generational transmission of our cultural ways. He was a firm believer in our Nishnaabe way of life. Mike understood the natural laws and lived according to these laws.

Mike was also an avid canoeist. He and Antoinette were often seen paddling the Biigtig (the Pic River). Together, they would gather moss and deliver this gift to the babies in the community. Mike believed that it is the responsibility of everyone to help out each other, especially those less fortunate. He constantly demonstrated his love for others through his sharing and gift giving.

Mike was also known to have a wonderful sense of humor. He especially enjoyed pulling pranks during Halloween. One time, using a homemade projector made from a flashlight and magnifying glass, Mike projected negatives from photos onto the wall and everyone enjoyed movie night. He loved creating an environment where laughter was always present. Mike always gave back to his community; he acknowledged his role as an individual in moving our Nation forward.