Kenneth Desmoulin

Kenneth Desmoulin (Phrase Page Author)

Kenny takes pride in his Nishnaabe heritage. His cultural ways have been a guiding force in his life. Kenny expresses a profound appreciation for the wisdom of his elders and actively seeks out new knowledge. Conducting himself with a reverence for his ancestors, Kenny willingly shares the teachings that have been passed on to him.

One of Kenny’s greatest passions is being out on the land. He spends a considerable amount of his time hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering on our territory. His connection to the land is strong and is at the core of his identity. Kenny often shares teachings referencing our connection to Mother Earth and our responsibilities to take care of her. Through his relationships with his elders, Kenny gained knowledge of Biigtigong territory and many of the stories tied to the land. He advocates the inherent benefits of developing personal relationships and experiences with the land. Kenny believes that the land provides a source of strength and direction for each of us.

In the same manner that he embraces the land, Kenny also embraces our language; he stresses the importance of language as a foundational part of being Nishnaabe. Kenny’s love for our Nishnaabe language can be felt whenever he drums and sings our songs. His voice resonates with love for our Nishnaabe world. Kenny also expresses our Nishnaabe worldview through his carvings. A self-taught artist, Kenny’s work is filled with symbols which depict important aspects of our Nishnaabe life.

Kenny and his wife Sharon have raised six beautiful children and have a very special love for their grandchildren. He continues to instill a strong sense of Nishnaabe identity in his children and his grandchildren. His family is a great source of pride and inspiration to Kenny.

Kenny gave freely and willingly to the language reconstruction work in Biigtigong. Understanding the importance of our language to our existence as Nishnaabeg, Kenny made himself available to assist the language efforts. His meaningful contributions and continued support for our language revitalization efforts are greatly appreciated.