Jean Moses

Jean Moses (Phrase Page Author)

Jean is an active Biigtigong community member, who has a strong sense of family and community. She always brings her fun-loving spirit to community events and continuously extends her support to her community. Jean is always willing to help out and contribute to building our community. She is the proud mother of four children and the grandmother of her beautiful Farrah.

Jean is an artist who communicates and transmits her Nishnaabe cultural values and practices through her art. She has been making moccasins, mitts, and other leather-based work for many years. Jean’s beadwork incorporates traditional Nishnaabe floral designs and patterns. She also beads logos of professional sports teams and other special requests. She acknowledges the importance of honouring other people’s work and seeks out permission to use their work. Jean also creates her own designs and enjoys the creative process and experimenting.

She is very excited to see our young people’s interest in beading and in maintaining this traditional way of art. Jean is always willing to share her knowledge and wants to see the art of beading remain part of our lives. She has gifted many of our babies with their first pair of moccasins and mitts. When creating these items she puts lots of love into her work and believes that this love, as well as having positive thoughts, are important to the gift. It makes her feel very happy to help our children walk the world as Nishnaabeg – in their moccasins.

Jean grew up hearing Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin. She can fully comprehend our dialect. Jean loves hearing our language as it brings back memories of her grandparents’ generation. She’s willing to share her knowledge of our language, and she hopes we can bring our language back into the daily lives of our children. Jean loves visiting in the language and enjoys the laughter that comes from communicating in Nishnaabemwin. For Jean, our children should be proud of who they are and should be able to experience the world as Nishnaabe people.