Esther Michano

Esther Michano (WaaWaa Immersion Instructor)

Esther is filled with energy and creativity – two very important characteristics that make her an excellent immersion instructor. She has a natural ability to express herself in actions rather than depending on the use of words. She is able to communicate messages through her use of gestures and other non-verbal methods. Esther utilizes these gifts in the creation of her WaaWaa immersion video to communicate the teachings contained in our aadsookaanan (sacred stories).

Esther is a strong advocate for our Nishnaabe ways of being and is always concerned about the continued loss of our ways. Understanding the importance of language to our Nishnaabe way of being, she is committed to working hard and learning new ways to ensure that our language takes its rightful place in our world.

Her love for our children provide her with inspiration and hope to embrace our Biigtigong language project and take the risks to ensure our children experience the world through the eyes of our worldview contained in our language. Esther’s work as a member of our WaaWaa Video Team will affect the many generations that will follow us. She is a great team player who sees our vision.