Dave Courchene III

Dave Courchene III (Aadsookaanan Gaa-sigsidood Neyaab)

Biigtigong’s Chief and Council (2017 – 2019) established a Council Portfolio position to support the reconstruction of our Aadsookaanan. As the official Council representative on this project, Dave is honoured and committed to working with the Aadsookaanan team on this critically important task.

Dave understands the current state of our Nishnaabe world and the continued threats of further disintegration of our Nishnaabe way of life. He actively promotes the necessity of looking to our traditional ways as a means of ensuring our vitality as a people.

Dave advocates for active transmission of the traditional knowledge carried within our Aadsookaanan and existing as an integral part of our Nishnaabe social structures. While he understands that there are, in broad terms, many stories and beings which are common to the oral traditions across the variety of communities within Nishnaabe Country, Dave also knows first-hand the significance of the powerful local influence of oral customs and wisdom stories originating from a specific, local, geographic Nishnaabe area. He is excited to be part of a team developed to bring our Biigtigong Aadsookaanan home.