Adele Nabigon

Adele Nabigon (Yaadsookenid Gaa-gii-bzindwaad)

Adele was part of a Biigtigong community effort in the early 1990s to document some of the traditional knowledge of our elders and storytellers. During that time, she was gifted with some of our aadsookaanan. She felt privileged to have been able to participate in the documentation of parts of Biigtigong’s Great Flood Story directly from the gaa-gii-aadsookewaad, the elders who told the aadsookaanan, at that time. Adele frequently shared with us the gratitude she felt being able to work with her father, Camille Nabigon, and others, on the project.

Adele had a great deal of respect for the knowledge of our elders and she understood the importance of this knowledge within our Nishnaabe world. She energetically supported all of the initiatives of our elementary school that brought together our elders and our students, as she understood the importance of ensuring that our education system be firmly founded on our Nishnaabe culture. Adele was keenly aware of the role of our traditional knowledge in the healthy growth and development of our students.

Adele has played a significant role in the reconstruction of our Biigtigong aadsookaanan. Her efforts and commitment will forever be remembered and appreciated.