Louis Nabigon

Louis Nabigon (Former Holder of Council's Language Portfolio)

Louis’ father, Lambert Nabigon, has played a significant role in Biigtigong’s effort to make Nishnaabemwin a foundation of our lives. Like his father, Louis believes the revitalization of our language is a fundamental component of Nation building. Louis also holds extreme value for the gifts our elders have left us through our oral tradition, audio recordings, and written documentation. He believes it is our responsibility to do the right thing with these gifts.

Louis is committed to the long-term vision of creating speakers of Biigtigong’s dialect. He understands that our dialect comes from our ancestors, from our territory, and that it expresses our worldview and philosophy. Louis also has a deep appreciation of the fact that, despite the variety of dialects throughout Nishnaabe Country, our Nishnaabe language connects us all as Nishnaabeg.