Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson (Smart Cities Final Proposal Co-writer)

Biigtigong has a long-standing relationship with Lisa and her colleagues at S. Burnett & Associates. Lisa has worked on various projects with Biigtigong and other First Nations and she brings an understanding of the challenges and the dreams of our communities. Lisa is an environmental management professional with specialized expertise which enables her to work successfully with her clients. Her many years of experience, and her love of learning and of helping others, make Lisa a very valuable team member.

Lisa was instrumental as part of a team in co-writing Biigtigong’s Smart Cities Challenge Final Proposal. Her firsthand experiences and relationships with First Nations allowed Lisa to make significant contributions to the proposal. Her desire to ensure her work is reflective of her clients helps move the vision forward.

Biigtigong is proud and grateful to have Lisa involved in our Smart Cities Challenge Final Proposal. We are very excited to have a woman who is successful in a STEM-related field be part of our journey to make the lives of our Biigtigong youth more meaningful. We look forward to our continued work together and to preparing our children for the new world while they remain grounded in our ancient Nishnaabe world.