Katriina Butschler

Katriina Butschler (WaaWaa Immersion Instructor; and K-12 STEM Teacher)

Since arriving in Biigtigong, Katriina has made outstanding contributions as a thoughtful, creative, and caring teacher. Katriina eagerly embraces opportunities to learn about Biigtigong’s culture and traditions and how to respectfully incorporate these teachings into the delivery of a quality education program. She is committed to providing our students with an education that is grounded in our cultural ways of being, knowing, learning, and doing.

Katriina has embraced the opportunity to assist in our efforts to create understanders and speakers of Nishnaabemwin by her becoming a WaaWaa Immersion Instructor. Her lively spirit, animated personality, and her ability to demonstrate the meaning of a story make Katriina a wonderful addition to our WaaWaa Video Team. Katriina’s video content will primarily support and communicate the teachings contained in our aadsookaanan (sacred stories) by highlighting those teachings’ connections to modern day STEM and to other curriculum goals.

Katriina’s creativity and personal commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that her immersion video remains highly understandable and informative. Her experience in the classroom and expertise as a teacher, along with her knowledge of immersion, will provide quality video which can then be overdubbed with Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin. Katriina is committed to helping us reach our goal of 2,000 hours of Nishnaabemwin immersion video and of bringing our language back to its rightful place.