Corinne Skworchinski

Corinne Skworchinski (WaaWaa Immersion Instructor; K-12 STEM Teacher; and Principal)

Having joined our Biigtigong team in 2000, Corinne is dedicated to nurturing in her students a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning. She understands the importance of education which connects students with their language and culture, thereby fostering the development of a positive sense of identity.

Corinne understands Biigtigong’s goal of establishing Nishnaabemwin as the medium of instruction through which the curriculum is delivered. Culture and language are not viewed as subject areas but rather as the foundations upon which everything is conveyed. Corinne goes above and beyond in providing an education experience that is meaningful and culturally based.

Corinne has personally witnessed the decline of the number of Nishnaabemwin speakers in Biigtigong and acknowledges the critical state of our language. Since the beginning of our language revitalization journey, Corinne has expressed interest in and been supportive of the development of our language strategy. She has eagerly volunteered to be part of our WaaWaa Video Team and she rocks as an immersion instructor.

Bringing years of classroom experience, community-based learning, and a commitment to continuous learning, Corinne is a very valued contributor to our collective efforts to revitalize our language. She has a natural ability to entertain, to connect with people, and to pass knowledge on. Her WaaWaa video is of high immersion-quality, the meaning of which she clearly communicates.

Corinne’s video content will primarily support and communicate the teachings contained in our aadsookaanan (sacred stories), and will be merged with other curriculum objectives. Her immersion video overdubbed with Biigtigong Nishnaabemwin will help our children acquire our language, and to experience the world through the lens of our language and of our culture.