Amy Michano

Amy Michano (K-12 STEM Teacher; and Vice Principal, Biigtigong Endzhi-gkinoohmaading)

As a Biigtigong Nishnaabe-kwe who has been educated in both the Western world and our Nishnaabe world, Amy successfully brings together indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge systems. She creates meaningful learning opportunities for our students, and understands the importance of having both worlds form the education experience of our students.

Amy uses her creative and innovative nature to provide exciting opportunities for the transfer of knowledge. Her keen interest in technology will be utilized to support our efforts to ensure that our children have the best possible education. She has experimented with technology as a medium to support the language acquisition journey of our children. Our team looks forward to incorporating our language and culture into our technological world.

Amy leads our journey towards utilizing technology inside the classroom and will ensure that our children become more than just consumers of technology. We look forward to embracing the opportunities which technology offers in the facilitation of traditional knowledge transfer and of better preparing our children for life. Amy is committed to fostering an education experience for our children in which they can flourish.

Amy appreciates firsthand the challenges which our students face, as she has overcome many of these challenges herself. She advocates for our language and culture, as she knows the important roles these play in the ultimate success of our children and of our Nation. Amy will play a substantial role bringing together our ancient ways and our modern ways and creating better opportunities for student success.