Aadsookaanan Project

Listen to how we say ‘Aadsookaanan’…

Our aadsookaanan are our sacred stories. They are the foundation of all that we are and of all that we do as Biigtigtong Nishnaabe people. Aadsookaanan answer for us many of the ‘whys’ of our Nishnaabe world. Our aadsookaanan teach us, in story form, the philosophical foundations of our Biigtigong Nishnaabe universe.

While each and every aadsookaan is important, a primarily significant aadsookaan is our Great Flood story.

We are very fortunate that some of our Elders of today can remember hearing the Great Flood aadsookaan when they were very young. Additionally, we are grateful that some of our Elders from many years ago have left us not only written parts of our Great Flood story, but also some recorded audio and video of themselves telling substantially large sections of our Great Flood story.

We have assembled a team of people, listed below, who are now working very hard to collect, organize, and reconstruct not just our Biigtigong story of the Great Flood, but all of our aadsookaanan.

It is our hope that by this upcoming Winter our Biigtigong children and Elders will be able to collectively tell our aadsookaan of the Great Flood using an immersion style of storytelling.



Aadsookaanan Gaa-gii-bzindmowaad Ko

(~”Those Who Used To Listen To The Sacred Stories”)





(~”Those Who Told The Sacred Stories”)





(~”Those Who Are Going To Tell The Sacred Stories”)




Aadsookaanan Gaa-nnaahsigsidoowaad

(~”Those Who Are Reconstructing The Sacred Stories”)